M.C.C. Roadmap

Phase 1 - Hello World

Meta Country Club (M.C.C.) was established to create the first digital golfing community where members and guests can interact, both online and in-person. We are a light-hearted community here to have a good time and create the best experience on and off the golf course for our community.

While the community can grow endlessly with our guests, M.C.C. membership is earned through owning our NFT. M.C.C. will have 10,000 NFTs and members. Rest assured, each NFT is unique and meticulously crafted to ensure you will want to show this off in the real world.

Once a member (through proof of ownership of our NFT), you will be provided entry into our members lounge discord channel, receive special announcements, be eligible to receive all inclusive golfing trips, unique merchandise, access to our event hosting, and participation in real golf tournaments. Profits received in the first phases of the project will be re-invested in the community and to help for preparation for in-person events and merchandise.

The project launch date will be announced as soon the General Manager and Head Pro give the sign off. Stay tuned to make sure you get an early tee time!

Phase 2 - Building the Membership

M.C.C. NFTs will launch in multiple phases. In the beginning, we will offer a limited amount of memberships which will be designated as 'VIP'. These elite members will be guaranteed to mint a M.C.C. NFT. The same concept as getting whitelisted.

After the 'VIP' phase, we will offer a public launch at a later date until the 10,000 M.C.C. Gophers are sold out. All holders of the Gophers will be able to enjoy the assurance of being able to reveal their very own M.C.C. Gopher and watch their investment increase in value as the community grows. The minting cost will be determined closer to the release. Shortly after minting, the reveal will happen and owners will be able to see their randomly generated M.C.C. Gopher. There will be legendary M.C.C. Gophers for some lucky members that will give them even more bonuses within M.C.C. and all the events planned.

As a member, not only will you have an increase in investment, you will get invited to specific discords, receive merchandise, tournament invites, and be eligible to giveaways for all inclusive golf vacations at courses as prestigious, but not limited to, Pebble Beach and Bandon Dunes.

Phase 2.5 - Construction of Meta Country Club

A big part of our vision is to create Meta Country Club in the metaverse. After we hit 50% of of our membership, we will hire a Sandbox architect to construct Meta Country Club, specifically in The Sandbox. We already own the land and are reserving the space for this soon to be majestic club where our community can come hang out and enjoy our digital country club!

Phase 3 - Events & Swag

M.C.C. has a goal to not just be a digital community with NFT tokens, but as golfers, we want to do just that - golf! We have a clear vision to host many events in person to help grow and create the best experience for our community and members.

M.C.C. will host tournaments (in-person) for members and of course will have a Member-Guest (so if you don't have a membership, it will be critical to engage in the discord to meet a member!). Tournaments will have prizes and allow for our community to interact on a golf course.

M.C.C. will be at several PGA Tour events that will only allow access to members and our community. Members will enjoy perks such as tickets and/or food and drink free.

M.C.C. will randomly select members during the year and provide an all inclusive golf trip to specific golf courses in the US. If we are able to fill our membership, we will open this to Europe and Asia as well.

M.C.C. will provide and sell unique merchandise to its members (using your Gopher as a logo/headcover etc.), while guests have access to only M.C.C. branded merchandise. Merchandise will include headcovers, towels, bag tags, and apparel.

Phase 4 - Future Commitments

Once the membership spots have been filled, the M.C.C. Staff will be reinvesting the royalties from the trading of Gophers to give back to the community with larger events, swag, and goals identified by VIP Members.

We want to collaborate with our members to truly build a digital country club experience and change the way golf fans interact.

Once launched, M.C.C. plans on giving back to the golfing community and will work with Charity's agreed upon by the 9 M.C.C. Board of Directors.

The future of M.C.C. will not only be controlled by The Staff, but by the membership. There will be times where we will bring strategic growth initiatives to ensure the direction is aligned with our members.

Our ultimate goal would be to bring you M.C.C. Gopher to life in the Metaverse.