Membership benefits

Member-Only Events

  • Access to M.C.C. hospitality at PGA tournaments
  • M.C.C. hosted golf events
  • M.C.C. hosted social events

Member-Only Giveaways

  • PGA & European Tour tickets
  • All inclusive golf trips
  • Golf equipment


  • You will have unique access to use your Gopher to brand golf apparel. This includes, but not limited to, headcovers, towels, bag-tags, and apparel.

Special Member Privileges

  • Access to private discord channels
  • Opportunities to bring ideas to better M.C.C.
  • Use your Gopher in the Metaverse
  • Access to a free Fantasy Golf League with real $$ prizes
  • Access to golf professionals (health and swing)

All membership perks will be unlocked as the membership fills up per our roadmap.